Lightning Strike Products, Inc.

Lightning Strike Products, Inc. was founded in 1995 by two gun enthusiasts whose goal was to improve the performance of competitive shooters. The company employees have over 50 years of combined experience in the military, law enforcement and firearms industries. This background gives them the experience to know what benefit a shooter can derive from a new product idea. Additionally, the analysis of handgun performance in real law enforcement situations provides a basis with which Lightning Strike can design products of real value for the competitive shooter.

Lightning Strike's mission is to provide the competitive shooter with a broad array of performance enhancing products. The first product developed was the innovative titanium striker for Glock and Colt handguns. This revolutionary product, since patented, gave verifiable improvements in group accuracy of up to 50% for all classes of users. The Striker shows how a unique design embodied in space-age materials can give instantaneous improvement to any shooter. No other aftermarket product that we know provides this type of dramatic results.

The striker continues to be the flagship product for the company although several other products have been recently released. Lightning Strike will continue to innovate and produce unique, performance enhancing products for all manner of firearms.  

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